Figment Works

About Us

Figment Works was created by a sole programmer who enjoys making games, and more directly, editor utilities for the Unity3D Game Engine.  The idea was to not only create fun games, but to further the capabilities of existing game engines through plugins, extensions, and simple utilities.

The first major project is Nodus, which allows artists/animators/designers to create new components and systems within Unity, in a simple drag’n’drop node-based system.  No programming languages needed!

Noel Watters

Noel began his career attempting to start his own company, but not knowing the difficulties that lay ahead, ended up having to give it up.  But the things he learned allowed him to work efficiently as a programmer in InLifeSize Studios, Italic Pig Ltd, and BlackStaff Games.  His latest venture is founding Figment Works.

Having 6 years in the game development industry has allowed him to work with artists of all trades, to find out what is missing for them in the current game engines available today.  Building utilities that makes their lives easier is his main goal, outside of developing fun games for others to play.

Gareth Wright

Gareth is a student in the middle of his Biomedical degree, but enjoys giving people an avenue through which they can reach developers to communicate their needs.  His passion and humour help forward the projects the team are working on, and his people skills are what we need to communicate with those we hope to help.