Unity3D Editor Plugin


This is a Visual Programming Language for the Unity3D game engine, made to match Unreal Engine 4's Blueprint system, to at least some degree.

Coming from UE4, and starting work in Unity was difficult at first, because using Blueprint to prototype had become habit.

At first, other similar plug-ins had been tried, but they didn't match up with the back end attribute based logic that UE4 used, so something needed to be made.

Nodus makes use of Reflection, to assess every possible class/method/object that is in a given project, and leaves it at the user's fingertips.

Some Features:

  • Being able to add any API functionality to the system (Including 3rd Party)
  • One click compilation and Nodus keeps track of the Assembly
  • Search functionality for Nodes, Types, etc
  • Contextual menu, which can even match types you are dragging off
  • Real Time Debugging
  • A custom console system which can locate you back to the last node that fired before the log
  • Full Undo/Redo control
  • You can create custom functions, and save them for use later
  • And many more.